Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an effective and accessible antidote to stress. It’s a powerful and unique state of deep relaxation, mental clarity, and insightful awareness. Yoga nidra (meaning yogic sleep), is based on classical yoga and backed by modern day science. It focuses on alleviating all the various manifestations of stress so you can find your calm spot, and live a more balanced, confident, and meaningful life.

After a brief centering and warm up, you will rest in a comfortable, lying-down position as you are guided through a progressive visualization that will systematically relax and renew all levels of your being.

This month we will focus on the chakras – energy centeres – and balancing them all.

Regular class fees apply. Use your class card or $15 drop in.
Guided by Tara, this yoga nidra class at Ohana Yoga is held the 3rd Sunday of every month in 2017.

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